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Good Company - Version 0.7 Work Smart

Good Company Logo

This week I've jumped back in to supply chain management game Good Company and started from scratch again.  Why have I reset the game?  On June 24th the game received it's version 0.7 "Work Smarter" update, but it was a big one (the developers actually recommend replaying the first 3 levels as these act as tutorials for the game).  It has brought a lot of changes to how some of the game mechanics work, and in the process has addressed some of the frustrations I identified during my previous article.  In this article I hope to summarise some of the key changes, and how they have affected my enjoyment of the game.

itch.io Bundle For Racial Justice & Equality

itchio Logo

Recently itch.io put a CTA to developers using the platform. The plan was to put together a bundle of games and asset packs available on the store, raise funds to be split equally between the NAACP Legal Equality and Education Fund, and the community bail fund. The response to the project has been phenomenal with over 1300 creators contributing over 1700 projects and over $8M being raised for these charities. This is a huge number of things to browse through and a daunting task, so I've compiled this list of some of the projects that have stood out to me as a starting point for looking at the bundle.


KnotBot Header

KnotBot is an adorable puzzle game which uses block coding to program a path for your KnotBot to follow.  From collecting apples to defeating enemies the game gives a fun introduction to basic programming which can be enjoyed by complete novices, or those with coding experience.

Ever Forward - Preview

Ever Forward is an upcoming puzzle/adventure game from Chinese studio Pathea Games.  Taking place in a dream world somewhere between reality and imagination, you take on the role of Maya.  Trapped alone in this world, you must confront your fears and unlock your memories to discover the mysteries of Maya's past and unravel the mysteries of this world.

Foliage Essentials - Workshop Wonders

This week I am doing something slightly different and instead of reviewing a game, I am looking at a workshop item from a game I have reviewed previously.  I first looked at Parkitect back in November of 2018 when it transitioned from early access to a 1.0 release.  My review for that can be read here.  This week I've decided to look at two specific mods available from the Steam Workshop for the game, Foliage Essentials and Textured Path Covers.