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Parkasaurus - Preview

Parkasaurus Key Art

This game has been on my radar ever since I saw the first reveal trailer in November of 2017.  It stands out in the currently busy dino park management genre due to it's lighter take on the game.

Not only does it use a 'traditional' grid based system and camera, it has some interesting and fun mechanics in it too.  The way you design your exhibits will determine how your 'dino best friends' feel about them, is there enough space or is it even the correct biome?  You can also affect the traits of your dinos with accessories such as a unicorn horns, hot dog hats and the infamous cone of shame!

My Time At Portia - Early Access Review

My Time At Portia Banner

If you enjoy games like Harvest Moon and Stardew valley and want something new to scratch that itch, you should have a look at My Time At Portia.  Developed by Chinese team Pathea Games (Planet Explorers) and published by UK gaming veterans Team 17 (Alien Breed, Worms, Overcooked) the game is currently in Early Access for PC with plans for future console (PS4 and Switch) releases after this phase is complete.

Thimbleweed Park - Review

Thimbleweed Park Banner

Thimbleweed Park is a classic point and click adventure game released in 2017, heavily inspired by the Lucasarts adventures of the ‘80s and ‘90s. This is in part due to the studio (Terrible Toybox) being created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick who worked together on a number of those games, notably as co-creators of Maniac Mansion in 1987 and going on to work on The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: Le Chuk’s Revenge.

Eden Rising: Supremacy - Early Access Review

Eden Rising Supremacy Key Art
NOTE: Eden Rising: Supremacy had an extensive update on 18th October 2018.  This update makes some information in this article out-dated.  You can read our article about the update here
Eden Rising: Supremacy is a game by Canadian developers Nvizzio Creations, created from the former Funcom Montreal studio. The game is designed to be played co-operatively between up to 8 players, although with scalable difficulty can be played solo, and blends the genres of open world survival and tower defense set on the alien world of Eden.