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Parkasuarus - Early Access Review

Parkasaurus Key Art

A few weeks ago we had a quick preview look at cute dino park builder Parkasaurus from Canadian 2-man team Washbear Studios.  I've been waiting, impatiently, for this since I first saw the announcement trailer back in November and can say the wait has definitely been worth it.  The game had originally been slated to hit Early Access back in Spring but the team took the hard decision to push the release back until they felt it was in a better state.  This has given them time to add some new dinos, new guests following feedback from the announcement trailer and fix some of their bigger bugs (they had one where any water would cause your park to flood).

I'm Not A Monster - Beta Review

Im Not A Monster Banner

Brought to us by publisher Alawar Premium and developer Cheerdealers, who worked together on Distrust, I'm Not A Monster is a multiplayer, turn-based strategy game, influenced by the popular party games Mafia and Werewolf.

The game has a retro-futuristic feel to it, helped by both the visual and sound design of the game, complementing each other excellently (think 50's B-movie and you are on the right tracks).  The back story for the game is that you are on a tourist starship, The Albatross, when disaster strikes and monsters invade, picking off the passengers one-by-one.

Two Point Hospital - Review

Two Point Hospital Logo
Two Point Hospital is the first game to be made by developer Two Point Studios, formed in 2016, and published by SEGA.  Don't be fooled with the studio being young however.  Two of the founding staff (Mark Webley and Gary Carr) have been working together making games since 1989 when both worked at Bullfrog Productions, now part of EA UK.  Games that the pair worked on previously include Theme Park and Theme Hospital whilst at Bullfrog, and The Movies whilst at Lionhead, so they certainly aren't newcomers to this style of game.  Due to this history of the dev team, some people have called this game the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital and the devs have stated that this will be the first of a series of management games to be set in Two Point County.