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Saturday, 29 September 2018


No, not the David Bowie song just time to take stock and post a quick piece of IRL content.

When I started this blog little over a month ago it was on a whim and I wasn't sure I would stick it out, I've tried in the past and never got past registering the names!  My hope was to get about 50-100 views by now, in fact there have been over 600 page views by you lovely, lovely people.  As this is something that I am planning now to stick with there are a few changes I want to make.

The blog will stay as it is, with the exception of some small changes you may have seen.  A member of a community I am in on discord very kindly did some work on my logo and a new banner is in place.  Along with this we also now have a Parcival Plays Favicon rather than a Blogger generic one, and we've got rid of the orange highlights on the page and moved to a blue (which is actually one of the blues already in the logo).

It's also time to diversify a bit and you might notice some changes to the contact section in the right side bar.  Now in addition to Twitter and Email you can join my Steam Group which I have set up so that I can start posting my content as Steam Curator recommendations, but also as a route of communication with my readers.  Also for a way to chat with you and find out what you are playing or even what games you want me to try and get a look at, I have set up a Discord you can join from the widget to the right.

Finally, I've taken a tentative step and dipping my toes into the world of YouTube.  I plan to post the occasional Let's Play video of some of the games that I've covered, or ones that I feel would be easier to show rather than write a full article.  I've already posted a couple of videos of Parkasaurus and hope that as I make more videos they will only get better (I know these ones have a few issues).

For now I've not got anything else I need to say other than thanks for your ongoing support and don't hesitate to fire me a message.

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