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Snowtopia - Preview

Snowtopia Banner

Snowtopia is a game that seemed to come out of nowhere in the past few weeks.  I hadn't seen or heard anything about it and suddenly videos for the game appeared on YouTube.  The game is very early in it's development, having been developed from an initial prototype in March 2018.  It is being developed by French team Tea for Two.

The Colonists - Review

The Colonists Header

The Colonists is the first game developed by the one man team at Code By Fire and was published by Mode 7 (Frozen Synapse, Tokyo 42).  The game was released on Steam on October 24th 2018.

The game sees you take control of a team of autonomous robots.  They were originally developed by humans, but have now decided they want to BE the humans and have settled on a distant planet.  The game features a number of scenarios covering bot military and economic goals.  There is also an endless sandbox mode which was added post-release due to player feedback.

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game - Early Access Review

Chef A Tycoon Game Header

Chef is a tycoon game by Italian developers Inner Void and published by Digital Tribe.  I discovered this game a few weeks ago in the Steam upcoming items and the developers have kindly provided me with a copy of the game to have a look at now that it has entered Early Access.

The game lets you take the reigns of planning and running a restaurant empire and managing every aspect.  This ranges from ensuring you have the basic equipment required, to hiring and firing of staff, to a list of policies which are available.  These policies include things such as cleaning and advertising contracts.

Evil Genius - Review

Evil Genius Banner

Evil Genius is a base-builder/minion management game developed by Elixir Studios and published by Vivendi Universal Games.  It was released on 24th September, 2004 before various purchases and organisational changes saw the rights transferred to Rebellion Developments.  Vivendi was eventually merged into Activision in 2008.

Meeple Station - Alpha Review

Meeple Station Key Art

Big thank you to Vox Games who have given me a super early look at their new game which is the first game to be published by indie games news site IndieDB!

The game is a co-operative space station builder.  Initially this slightly put me off BUT unlike many multiplayer games of recent years, this includes a true single player experience, in fact there is currently only a single player mode implemented.

Tracks - The Train Set Game - Early Access Review

Tracks the Train Set Game Logo

Tracks - The Train Set Game is being developed by UK developer Whoop Group and published by Excalibur Games.  This game has been on my radar for a while and I want to say a big thank you to the team at Excalibur who have kindly provided me with a copy of the game. 

Tracks started life a little under 2 years ago as an entry in the the February 2017 AGDG Comfy Jam, a 2 week game jam to make a 'comfy' game.  The game received positive feedback and was released as a prototype onto the Itch.io platform under their 'Pay What You Want' model.