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Stardew Valley - Android Review

Developed by ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish, Stardew Valley was originally released for Windows in February 2016.  3 years later, the game is now available to play on every major platform with OSX, Linux, PS4, XBONE, Switch, iOS, and, most recently, Android ports of the game being available.  Following a change in the business relationship between the developer and publisher, with Chucklefish now only having rights to Switch, iOS and Android versions, the Android port was completed by The Secret Police and released on March 14th.  This is the version we're primarily looking at in this article.

Factory Town - Early Access Review

Factory Town Logo

Factory Town is a game which I've been watching for a while, and you'll have seen it given a spotlight in my article of games to watch for 2019.  Thanks go to one of my readers, who kindly gifted me the game with beta on Itch.io a few months ago.  I've dipped into it a bit during the beta, but there have been a lot of changes over recent weeks and I thought with the game hitting Steam Early Access it was a good time to look at it again.

The Great Launcher Debate

Over recent months there has been a great debate raging amongst the PC gaming community - is the Epic Store a good thing or not?  This week rather than a review I thought I would share an opinion piece and my thoughts on this issue.

Thea: The Awakening - Review

Thea The Awakening Banner

A big thanks to MuHa games who very kindly gave me a copy of the game to have a look at this week to coincide with the launch on Nintendo Switch on 1st of February (this article is based on the Steam version).  The game was developed my MuHa and initially released on PC in November 2015 and was ported to Switch by Monster Couch.

Pepper's Puzzles - Review

Peppers Puzzles Banner

Discover Indies is an initiative devised by Indie Gamer Chick.  Content creators are urged to play a small indie game without a large media footprint which they have never heard of, and produce content on the first Friday of each month through 2019.  I will be using this as an opportunity to possibly try out some different genres, and games I generally wouldn't normally play.

This month, we are taking a look at Pepper's Puzzles by Emad.  The game released in August of 2017, and even had a recent patch, and features a variety of logic puzzles.  

Odd Realm - Early Access Review

Odd Realm Header

This week is the first of the games from my  2019 New Year article.  Odd Realm is a sandbox colony building game, taking place in a procedurally generated world.  It was released onto the Steam Early Access programme on 11th January 2019 and is the first game to be developed by Unknown Origin Games, who have very kindly provided me with a copy of the game to have a look at.

Resort Boss: Golf - Early Access Review

Resort Boss Golf Logo
Before I start I need to say a massive thanks to Ari and James from Excalibur Games for allowing me to take a brief look at a preview build of the game.  Resort Boss: Golf is an upcoming management game from developer Gus Martin and published by Excalibur.  The game is scheduled for release on February 14th this year, some older promo content shows a slightly earlier date of 7th February, but the world of game development being what it is, the decision was made recently to push that release date slightly.

Meeple Station - Early Access Review

Meeple Station Header

It's been a couple of months now since we last looked at Meeple Station, the new space station base builder from Vox Games and mod.io (the newly formed publisher from the team behind moddb and indiedb). Note: the game has now been fully released and there are a number of significant changes to the game.  An updated review will be posted soon.

When we last looked at the game it had just become available to purchase as an alpha via their own website.  Well, now the time has come and the Steam Early Access release is (at the time of writing) imminent.  On the day that it released into the alpha there was an update with some changes to the core of the game and this release bring another.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game - Android Review

Fiz The Brewery Management Game Banner

Fiz is a game which I discovered a few years ago via the 'actually free' program on the Amazon Underground app.  This was a scheme launched in response to the Amazon App Store being removed from the Play Store for a ToS violation (Google doesn't permit other app marketplaces on the store).  This service allowed users to download paid apps, or purchase in-app items, for free with Amazon paying developers based on the amount of time players spent in game.  Unfortunately this service is scheduled for closure later this year.

Road To Your City - Preview

Road To Your City Banner

This week we are taking a look forward to a game that is still in development and having a first look at Road To Your City.  Given that the game has not yet reached an early access state, some of this information may change closer to release.  The game will be released for Windows, MacOS and Linux in 2019 with a Kickstarter campaign launching January 14.

Constructor Classic - Review

Contructor Key Art

Developed by British studio System 3, Constructor was initially published for MS-DOS systems in 1997.  It was later ported to Playstation, MacOS, Windows-native DirectX3, Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable systems.  In 2017 the game had an HD makeover and was released on Windows with PS4 and XBONE versions also available.  In addition to shiny new HD graphics, the game also had some additional gameplay features such as a tutorial and campaign added.

Looking Forward to 2019

This week we take a little bit of a look forward to some games coming in 2019 which I've got my eye on.  Rather than the full articles which I usually do, this will be a short synopsis of the game with a couple of press shots provided by the developers.  We've got a few things to look at, some will definitely have coverage when they come out, others will depend if I'm able to get my hands on them. NOTE: Any release dates are taken from press releases or store pages and a subject to change.