Hello, hello, hello and welcome along to Parcival Plays. This site is a place for a Scottish guy in his 30's to share some of the games he is playing. This will be a variety of older games and more recent titles with most of these being by smaller or indie teams. Please feel free to comment on posts or follow me on Twitter and to drop me an email using the buttons on the right.

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Parcival Plays is the part-time project of a Scottish gamer in his 30's.  I have been playing games on a variety of platforms since the early 90's on a Commodore 64, through an Amiga 1200 and onto PC, Dreamcast, Gamecube and Xbox360 through the 2000's.  Now I play almost exclusively on my Windows PC.

Over the past 3 years I have developed a particular interest in indie games, and I am particularly enjoying the resurgence of the management/tycoon genre.  As a child, these games formed a large part of my gaming.  Starting with SIMCity and Theme Park, and enjoying games such as The Settlers, Theme Hospital and the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.  I also enjoy base-builders and crafting/farming RPGs, such as Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia, although I am always open to trying out new things and do play the occasional racing sim or FPS.  

The idea for Parcival Plays grew out of a conversation I had with some friends in June/July 2018.  As part of a project we were involved in, there was discussion about establishing a blog and featuring content by members of the community.  As a pre-cursor, I began to write a couple of reviews to have some content ready.  Unfortunately the blog for the project didn't come to fruition, and Parcival Plays was born.

This has been a progression of the changing way in which I engage with games and has grown out of a number of events of the past three years.  These have included being fortunate enough to become friends with some developers, through playing Early Access games and providing feedback through my testing of the games, and the moderating of both official and fan based gaming communities.

I am always open to feedback, positive and critical, to help me develop in my writing and to improve the range of content I am providing.  In 2019 I plan to further develop the channel and will be diversifying slightly, looking at games from other genres, continuing to bring older games and also featuring some indie games on Android.

If you have a game you would like to see featured, or are a developer who feel your game would be a good fit for my outlet, please feel free to get in touch by email (parcival[at]parcivalplays[dot]co[dot]uk) on Twitter (@ParcivalP) or the Parcival Plays Discord server.

This site uses a variety of visual elements including, but not limited to, Parcival character, banners and icons, provided royalty free by Freepik.

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